Emily and Rob get married at Combe Church and Freeland Hall in Oxfordshire

I was in touch with Emily quite a bit in the run up to her wedding day, and was really excited to see her get married and to see her vibrant Alice in Wonderland vision come to life.

Rob and Emily met at school (not as children, Emily was teaching and Rob was there on a placement), and are one of those couples that you could be mistaken for having not long got together. The loving glances between them throughout the day (not to mention the look of pure love on Robs face as Emily made her entrance into the picturesque Combe church) as well as the way they would smile while talking about the other was so beautiful to see. The day was filled with love and laughter and really was a perfect day.

It was lovely to see her students waiting for her outside the church, and some of her ex-students were there as waiting staff complete with bunny ears, and her friend made the delicious pie and mash wedding breakfast. In fact, the more people we spoke to on the day it became clear that EVERYONE loved these two, and if there is one phrase I heard quite a lot on the day it was ”that’s just so Emily”. Emily is extrememly creative and was determined to put her own stamp on the day. From the photoboard to the vibrant colourful theme and decor at The Freeland Hall, she did an amazing job, every detail had been painstakingly thought out. She even surprised her new husband by serenading him with a song she had written accompanied by her bridesmaids.

Emilys dad is a sculpter and has a studio affixed to their home, and where Emily got ready in the morning so it was lovely to be able to incorporate this into their day. They also had two of his rabbit sculptures on their awesome cake which was made by her talented friend (and also school bus driver) to incorporate all aspects of the theme.

We also met and had the pleasure of working with the very lovely Russ and Adam from I Do Wedding Films.

Below are a few of our personal favourites from the day.


Bride can be seen having her hair done in a doorway to the left while her bridesmaid is brushing her hair in a doorway to the right A bride to be checks her reflection in a hand mirror before her weddding A bride laughs while her hairdresser holds a hand mirror reflecting her hair above her head Bride leans forward so her bridal hairstyle and hairband can be seen Wedding dress hangs in the sculpture shop of her family with her sculptor father in the background Brides eye can be seen to the left of the frame while an eye make up brush can be seen to the right Photo on a windowsill of the bride as a young girl with her father Bestman smiles as the groom does up his tie Grooms buttonhole with pink rose and alice in wonderland style playing card Groom answers the door to the postman who is shocked to see him in top hat and tails Artist writing his daughters wedding card on her wedding day Young boy glances at bride while she is having her make up done Bridesmaids look on while laughing bride has make up put on her back Photo of bridesmaids lacing up the brides wedding dress on her wedding day Father of the bride looks on as the bridesmaids do the finishing touches to the bride before she leaves for her church wedding Bridesmaids adjust the brides veil Bridesmaids, bride and bridal party head through the Oxfordshire countryside on a bus for the church wedding A smiling groom looks on as his bride walks down the aisle at Combe Church in Oxfordshire A couple in the congregation hug while singing a hymn at a wedding at Combe Church near Oxford Bride smiles at groom during their wedding ceremony Bride smiles at groom in church as they repeat their wedding vows Organist plays as the congregation sing a hymn at a wedding in Combe Church near Oxford The congregation sing a wedding hymn in Oxford church Wedding couple are seen at the altar in Combe Church, Oxfordshire The choir sing as a wedding couple take their vows in church Bride and groom in his top hat smile outside church as their guests throw confetti formal group photo of bride and bridesmaids in pink dresses next to yellow daffodils outside Combe Church Bride and groom smile for the photographer on the floor surrounded by playing cards during their alice in wonderland themed wedding in oxfordshire Bride and groom go for a kiss in a red telephone box as brides left hand can be seen on the window nearest the photographer Bride and groom embrace in a red telephone box on their wedding day in Combe, Oxfordshire wedding couple walk across Combe bridge in Oxfordshire and as groom lifts brides wedding dress, he exposes her heart seamed stockings Wedding couple on Combe Bridge in Oxfordshire The Freeland Hall in Oxforshire is set up for Emilys colourful Alice in Wonderland themed wedding Childs drawing of bride and groom getting married Groom reads his speech as his bride laughs to the left and his mother wipes a tear to his right Groom kisses his new wifes hand at their wedding reception at The Freeland Hall near Oxford Bride laughs as best man does his speech Chef mashes potato Guests have fun with alice in wonderland themed photo boards at wedding reception Shadow of guitarist can be seen in a balloon arch through a window at a wedding reception in Oxford Pageboy covers his ears as the wedding band do a soundcheck pageboy pulls a face for the photographers camera at a wedding reception in Oxfordshire Nun in habit hold the bouquet she has just caught as she hugs the bride at The Freeland Hall in Oxford Bride and groom kiss during their first dance while the band are seen in the foreground Wedding couple have their first dance while their friends gather around them Bride can be seen applauding the wedding band at The Freeland Hall in Oxfordshire A wedding guest dances as the band play A wedding guest dances as the band play at a wedding in Oxford Bride sings song to her new husband surrounded by her bridesmaids Photo of bride serenading her husband at their wedding reception in Oxfordshire Bride and groom kiss while bridesmaids applaud them in the background

Canon 1Dx evaluation day with Canon UK

We had the privilege of being invited by Canon to try the currently unreleased Canon 1Dx at a Karting centre in London. We arrived and were greeted with a table full of the finest lenses and with plenty of 1Dx bodies to go around we were not short of toys to play with. We had also brought along our 1Ds mk3 and Canon 5D3 to compare the 1Dx against.

After trying out the focusing, tracking and ISO capabilities I will say that anyone with a pre-order will not be disappointed, the 1Dx is a serious beast. Tracking the karts around the track was effortless for the 1Dx with entire series of shots in very sharp focus at 12fps.

On more than one occasion as the karts flew past where I was standing I’d sometimes be playing around with settings and then at the last-minute swing the 1Dx up to my eye, hit the focus and shoot. Normally I would be very surprised to even get one in focus being so flippant with my shooting style but the 1Dx was nearing super powers and I found that more often than not I would get a sharp well focused image, usually several in fact due to the speed of the camera.

Already owning the Canon 5D mk3 we were more accustomed to the new high iso capabilities of the new generation of Canon cameras and the 1Dx again is top of its game, changing how we’re going to be shooting certain aspects of weddings in the future.


Mark and Louisa engagement shoot in Bournemouth

Lou and Mark are friends of ours who are marrying in Bournemouth later this year. We went to see them to catch up and whilst there went to Bournemouth beach for lunch and a few engagement photos. The weather was typically British with grey clouds and the threat of the skies opening to rain on us at any moment but we managed to grab a few before seeking the shelter of a nearby pub.

- Henley

Will - May 17, 2012 - 11:10 pm

I really like your imagines … so special!!!!

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