Canon 1Dx evaluation day with Canon UK

We had the privilege of being invited by Canon to try the currently unreleased Canon 1Dx at a Karting centre in London. We arrived and were greeted with a table full of the finest lenses and with plenty of 1Dx bodies to go around we were not short of toys to play with. We had also brought along our 1Ds mk3 and Canon 5D3 to compare the 1Dx against.

After trying out the focusing, tracking and ISO capabilities I will say that anyone with a pre-order will not be disappointed, the 1Dx is a serious beast. Tracking the karts around the track was effortless for the 1Dx with entire series of shots in very sharp focus at 12fps.

On more than one occasion as the karts flew past where I was standing I’d sometimes be playing around with settings and then at the last-minute swing the 1Dx up to my eye, hit the focus and shoot. Normally I would be very surprised to even get one in focus being so flippant with my shooting style but the 1Dx was nearing super powers and I found that more often than not I would get a sharp well focused image, usually several in fact due to the speed of the camera.

Already owning the Canon 5D mk3 we were more accustomed to the new high iso capabilities of the new generation of Canon cameras and the 1Dx again is top of its game, changing how we’re going to be shooting certain aspects of weddings in the future.


Mark and Louisa engagement shoot in Bournemouth

Lou and Mark are friends of ours who are marrying in Bournemouth later this year. We went to see them to catch up and whilst there went to Bournemouth beach for lunch and a few engagement photos. The weather was typically British with grey clouds and the threat of the skies opening to rain on us at any moment but we managed to grab a few before seeking the shelter of a nearby pub.

- Henley

Will - May 17, 2012 - 11:10 pm

I really like your imagines … so special!!!!

Mandie & Marcus get married at Winkworth Farm, Wiltshire.

Our first sunny wedding of the year fell to Mandie and Marcus. Their wedding was based at Winkworth farm in Wiltshire, a beautiful place with oodles of countryside charm. The scene was perfect for their special day as Marcus grew up in the area, bringing them away from the hustle and distractions of London to the calm of the English countryside.

Mandie looked a vision as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom, along with Bob their dog who joined them whilst they recited their vows to each other. During the ceremony live music was played by Matt Bee which was a great touch.

Mandie also brought along Bobby their dog, he’s an important part of their family being valiantly rescued by Mandie from Portugals’ streets and painstakingly brought back to the UK. Bobby joined them at the alter and we also made sure to include him in one of their couple photos.

Whilst there were many children that attended the wedding, Mandie and Marcus hired Elf Sitters mobile crèche which meant the  parents were able to enjoy the wedding day without distraction. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun, no doubt helped by the sweet station too!

The day was perfect in every way, with the sun slowly slipping behind the Wiltshire hills Marcus and Mandie danced in to the night.

- Henley

Morning sunlight through branches Bride has her hair done and her wedding dress can be seen hanging from the beamed ceiling behind her Yippee flag on a wedding chair Underside of a wedding dress Photo of brides wedding shoes, one in side view, one in front view Framed picture of four photos spelling out LOVE on the wall Back view of brides wedding hair before the ceremony Bride has her fringe curled by her hairdresser Picture of brides hairstyle is seen from above as the hairdresser reaches to get hair pins Silhouette of a groom doing his tie up before his wedding Grooms wedding shoes with the grooms legs in the background Reflection of best man can be seen in sunglasses Family and friends relax on a picnic bench in the sun View from outside of wedding guests look through a roof skylight Ornate clock in an alcove while bride has the finishing touches done to her make up in the foreground Bride has the finishing touches done to her makeup A door is at the top right and one at the bottom left both with the backs of ushers seen Bride laughs as make up artist applies her eye shadow View from above of bride getting her make up done as her dog looks up Brides dog looks on alongside the brides feet and legs The brides dog looks up at her in her wedding dress as seen from below Bride is in her wedding dress as family and make up artist take photos Bride smiles at her groom as a family member does a reading behind her Guest can be seen doing a reading as bride and groom look on Bride looks lovingly at her husband during the wedding ceremony Bride and groom laugh as they hold hands during their wedding ceremony Wedding guest does a reading during the ceremony of her friend as her crying son holds her leg Bride laughs as she looks at her new husband during their wedding ceremony Bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife Wedding guest reads a story to his daughter in rose garden at Winkworth Farm Guitarist plays to wedding guests in the courtyard of Winkworth Farm Child holds a newt in his hands Bride, her dog and wedding guests laugh in the sun at Winkworth Farm Wedding guests chat on a bench in the rose garden at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury Boy stands astride a pond and his reflection can be seen in the water below Daffodils can be seen in the foreground, while bride can be seen out of focus in the background

A wedding guest takes a post ceremony glass of champagne from waitress

Father of the bride does his wedding speech as the bride, groom and mother of the bride laugh Father of the bride reading his speech Groom reads his wedding speech as bride laughs at his side Wedding table setting with pale yellow flowers in a vase Groom speaks to bridesmaid in his wedding speech as the rest of the top table look on Bride can be seen through glasses on wedding table Boy pulls face and does salute during wedding speeches Best man does wedding speech in Winkworth farm in front of wedding guests Silhouette of wedding couple and their dog on a hill at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Wedding couple kiss in rose garden at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury Bride and groom laugh as they pose for photos Wedding guests mill around in hall at Winkworth Farm as can be seen from the outside courtyard Bride and groom laugh during their first dance Bride and Groom do their first dance while the band look on Bride and groom do their first dance as seen from outside

Zoe Harrop - April 17, 2012 - 2:43 pm

What wonderful photos…it looks like you had a magical day. Congratulations!

Emma Wilson - April 9, 2012 - 7:03 pm

I love these photos, such lovely moments.

Fernando Colaço - April 7, 2012 - 11:16 am

You really do fantastic photos. I love very much the points of view, giving the idea of the photographer non presence. Black and whites are great. Congrats.

Charlie & Denise - April 5, 2012 - 10:22 pm

Wow great pics – we loved the silhouette with Bob ! I have married you, but don’t forget my dog !!

Great week-end,

Have a great life,

Charlie & Denise xx

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