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Rachel and Ben had put a lot of time into planning every detail of their wedding, and the day itself was every bit as perfect as they had hoped. Brympton House in the hamlet of Brympton D’Evercy near Yeovil is one of our favourite venues as it is so picturesque and unique. The wedding ceremony was held in the Dower House, followed by drinks reception on the lawn. After the sit down meal and speeches (including a brilliant best mans speech by Guy), everyone headed over to the beautiful Orangery for the afterparty. Rachel had the brilliant idea of organised a photo booth in the bar which was complete with built in wind machine, and had the guests piling in all night.

The rest of the evening was spent eating wedding cake and bacon sarnies to keep energy levels high for hitting the dancefloor while the incredibly talented Time Out band played. Bens best man Guy had mentioned in his speech about Bens infamous own style of dancing which he described as ‘a cross between Michael Jackson and a Russian Cossack dancer’, which we got to see when Ben hit the floor. It truly was brilliant to watch and I hope we have managed to do it justice in the photos!

Click here to see our partner videographer FX Films, excellent highlights clip of their day.

Below are some of our personal favourites from the day:

Brympton driveway leading to Brympton house. Brympton house through ornate stone balustrades Flowers in hallway at Brympton d Groom pokes head around door during getting ready. Flower petals in Dower House to be scattered during wedding ceremony at Brympton d Bride gives earrings as a gift to her bridesmaids in the bridal suite at Brympton D Brides mother having her hair done in the bridal suite. Sassi Holford Lucy Wedding dress detail Wedding sign pointing to Brympton Dower House. Bride hair and makeup profile Bride getting ready in the bridal suite at Brympton d Bride having her makeup done Sassi Holford Lucy Wedding dress hanging in bridal suite as bride gets ready Bridesmaids lacing Sassi Holford Lucy wedding dress. Mother of the bride watches daughter get in to wedding dress. Bride Bride getting in to her wedding shoes in the bridal suite Registrars talking to bride in the bridal suite, Brympton d Guests waiting in the Dower House for the bride to arrive Bride makes last minute preparations to her hair and makeup Bride and bridesmaids exiting the bridal suite at Brympton d Smiling bridesmaid walks down the aisle in the Dower House, Brympton d Bride, accompanied by her father walks towards her groom as he turns to look, at Brympton d Bride and groom during ceremony in the Dower House. Bride and Groom hold hands during their ceremony Groom and Bride look at each other in love as they get married at Brympton Grooms parents watch as their son marries. Bride and groom look at each other during their wedding ceremony Bride looks up towards her husband. Bride and groom Groom raises marriage certificate in front of family and friends Guests and family look on towards a bride and groom after being married at their ceremony. Happy newly weds walk down the aisle as family and friends watch. Redbull can of drink on wedding breakfast table as joke for a guest. The Ball Room at Brympton House D Bride and Groom kiss in Brympton gardens against pillar. Newly wed couple laugh near a window in a corridor at Brympton Newly wed couple kiss near a window in a corridor at Brympton Newly wed bride and groom on the great staircase in Brympton D Best Man clinks a glass for speeches in the ballroom. Bride drinks during speeches in the ballroom during her wedding at Brympton d Groom heckles guest during speeches in the Ballroom. Groom reads speech during wedding breakfast to guests Tea lights guiding the way from Brympton House to the Orangery for a wedding Bride and bridesmaid feet in photobooth based in the Orangery in Brympton. Photobooth photos of a bride in the processed slot Newly weds first dance in the Orangery to Time Out band at Brympton. Groom dips Bride during dance as wedding guests watch in the Orangery Bride dances with her husband as their family and friends watch. Groom looks up and smiles at Bride during their first dance. Groom spins his bride around in the Orangery during their first dance. Time Out band sing to newly weds at Brympton d Dancing by wedding guests and wedding couple in the Orangery Guests dancing in the Orangery to the band, Time Out. Groom dives in to the air at guests Wedding guests chat in the Orangery with a beer. Time Out Band guitar neck Time Out Band, Trumpet player Bride dances to disco in the Orangery at Brympton Wedding guests and bride put their hands up in the air in the Orangery Guests shoes and bags left on seats as they dance in the background. Time Out Band, sequin boots. Wedding guests dancing in the Orangery at Brympton D Bride and groom hug whilst friends watch Female wedding guest points towards the ceiling as she dances

Henley and I are originally from Surrey, having lived in London and then moved to Devon three years ago, so can totally understand why many of the weddings we cover in Devon, Dorset and Somerset are couples from London and the home counties looking for a countryside wedding. Kat and James however went one step further, and flew over from Adelaide, Australia for their wedding at St Audries Park in West Quantoxhead, Somerset having seen it on the internet.

James was originally from the UK and met Kat at a church in Adelaide when he was travelling the world, and moved over to Oz to be together. A lovely touch for the day was that their Pastor Danny also flew over from Oz to conduct the service, and having known Kat and her family for years, gave a very personal and moving service.

Kat’s parents are wedding photographers in New York and it was plain to see Kat had a natural flair for looking fab in front of the camera – her father taught her well!

Kat and James both looked gorgeous and along with Kats two wedding dresses, gave us some fantastic photo opportunities.

Below are a few personal favourites from the day and once you’ve had a look click here to go and browse over their beautiful video from our partner videography team, FX Films.

Close face profile shot of bride getting ready at St Audries Bride laughing in her dressing gown in St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead. Makeup artist, bride and her reflection during getting ready for a wedding at St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead. Makeup artist inspecting her work as a bride gets ready for her wedding. Bridesmaid sits on floor and smiles up at the bride as she gets ready for her wedding. Makeup artist and bride Makeup artist applying mascara to a brides eyelashes. Laughing bride Brides mouth as she gets ready. Bride fastens earring Bride Bride tickles young bridesmaid at St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead
Bride and hairspray at St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead Bride looks at her hanging wedding dress Bride almost ready for the wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid at St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead Bride under St Audries Park skylight. Bride and parents on main staircase in St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead Bride and her father walk up the aisle as her groom awaits. Father of the bride smiles at groom during ceremony. Bride smiles in the Victorian Orangery in St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead Groom wipes his eye during a ceremony in the Victorian Orangery, St Audries Park. Bridesmaid holding flowers in the Victorian orangery. Father of the bride and the bride both pray. Bride, Groom and Vicar all laugh during service. Father of the bride watches his daughter being married in the Victorian orangery. Groom laughing. Bride, groom and vicar. Bride looks at her new husband lovingly. Groom places the brides ring on her finger. Bride and groom Bride and groom kiss. Bride and groom smile. Young usher looks towards ceremony Guests gather in St Audries hall. Bridesmaids dress bow Guests smiling with bride Bridesmaid writing a personal message in the newly weds memory book St Audries decor Family Photos during a wedding reception Father of the bride chats with a friend informal family photo at a wedding. Young Usher smiles Bride and Groom kiss in St Audries Park Groom dips his new wife for a couple photo at St Audries Park Bride and groom laugh in main front doorway at St Audries Park Groom kisses laughing bride on the neck. Bride and Groom in St Audries Park gardens Groom kisses brides head during their wedding at St Audries Park. Brides earrings Bride and Groom at St Audries Park, Somerset Bride and Groom pose with red ivy at St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead, Somerset. Groom prepares speech in the main hall Bride and Groom enter their wedding breakfast at St Audries Park. Family laugh during wedding breakfast speeches Friend presents a speech to wedding guests during the wedding breakfast Bride smiles during speeches. Wedding guests hold up poster of the band West Life, mocking the groom. Groom Bride and groom laugh during the grooms speech. Wedding reception speeches toast Groom removes the garter from his bride in the great hall at St Audries, West Quantoxhead Bride surprised as her husband removes her garter at St Audries. Bride and groom Bride and groom High shot of bride and groom dancing in the hall at St Audries, West Quantoxhead Laughing bride during her first dance at her wedding. Young usher pulls some fancy moves on the dance floor. The Victorian Orangery at night, based at St Audries Park, West Quantoxhead, Somerset, UK. Bride dances with her father at her wedding. Groom watches his new wife with her father, dancing. Bride and father dance.

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  • Dave Scarallo - February 5, 2011 - 11:21 am

    Dear Henley and Laura,

    Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did for Kat and James. When we looked at the photos there was an overwhelming sense of reliving the EMOTIONS of the day. The strong graphic quality combined with the unobtrusive observation and recording of the event was a breath of fresh air for me. Your images combine the love in a family snapshot with the graphic and technical quality of truly professional images.

    I envy you your breathtaking locations and the freedoms that the digital age has opened up for you. The ability to change ISO ratings at will in order to capture a nuance of light would have been a daunting task with the equipment we used to use; the ability to isolate a detail with zoom lenses… I could go on and on. Suffice to say you made an old warhorse reconsider his “retirement” and consider doing a few weddings here and there.

    Having entered the ministry 5 years ago, I assumed my photo career was over, and it really is, but can you imagine the first time I rolled up to a wedding to marry the couple rather than photograph them!!!? I am thinking of maybe straddling the fence a bit. It might not work for any number of reasons, but thank you for allowing me to see the possibilities.

    I know I am rambling now but, having seen the highlight clip at FX Films and read the list of ten reasons why they love working together with you I envy you your professional partnering. You obviously know how special that is.

    Wishing you well in every part of your life,
    Dave Scarallo
    (Kathryn’s Dad)

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