We love shooting at River Cottage, the detail and quirky nature of the place presents us with some great opportunities as photographers. The farm itself has a nice mix of old and new and the surrounding landscape can present some stunning views.

The week before the wedding there was some torrential rain, luckily it cleared up during the getting ready stages as you’ll see in the below photos.

For a quick history of Jessica and Anton, they had actually got married a year before in a registry in London but wanted to celebrate their love with their family and friends so organised a day of fun, food, love and partying to fit around their notional ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted by Anton’s brother, and Jessica read a moving poem in French to Anton summing up her love for him. As Anton speaks the language fluently, she took the time to learn it word for word and then read it again in English for their family and friends, there was a lot of dabbing of eyes after that.

I can’t mention River Cottage without of course paying homage to the amazing feast that everyone got to enjoy for the wedding breakfast. I (Henley) always love to head into the kitchen to catch the chefs at work, and see first hand the love, care and attention that goes into every dish. The menu was specially chosen by Jessica and Anton, and with the ingredients being produced from the farm itself or being brought in from the immediate area.

Park Farm, not only being a contemporary but also a working farm meant that welly throwing was a good excuse to have some fun and fitted right in with the day. Everyone got stuck in and really went for it, clamouring for the acclaimed golden welly prize.

Below are a few of our personal favourites.

– Henley & Laura

Reflection of bride having her make up done in a mirror in front of a rain soaked window bridesmaid having her lipstick applied by the bride The exterior of The Peek House in Rousdon with sunlight on the tree opposite Child on a trampoline, focus on the netting of the trampoline Bride doing her make up in the mirror ready for her wedding at River Cottage Partially obscured photo of a bride doing her make up in the mirror in front of a rain soaked window Brides friend admires her reflection in a mirror Brides dress hanging in front of a window Brides friends photographing the bride Groom doing his tie up Brides friend sits on the bed while other friends around her play with their hair Groom and Wedding Celebrant who is his brother have a cigarette as shot through a window Bride and brides mother admire her reflection in a mirror, there is a look of pride on the brides mothers face Silhouette of a bride in front of a window Bride in wedding dress and hunter wellies looks at her reflection in a mirror Bride puts on her wedding shoes in front of a window Brides dress is reflected in a full length mirror Bride wearing a vintage hat looks out of a window on her wedding day Bride and her family get ready to head for the ceremony on her wedding day outside The Peek House in Rousdon Bride in car off to her wedding ceremony, the reflection of The Peek House in Rousdon is reflected in the car window The view of River Cottage HQ, Park Farm in Axminster from the top of the drive The inside of the Threshing barn at River Cottage Park Farm, as shot through the back of a chair Two wedding guests chat and smile Two female wedding guests greet each other with a hug and air kiss A pig at River Cottage in Axminster A chef poses with a hog roast at River Cottage HQ in Axminster Two chefs look at the hog roast they are going to serve at the wedding breakfast at River Cottage HQ Participants taking in part in a welly throwing competition at River Cottage in Axminster A groom reads his speech just before the wedding ceremony A young boy balances cola cans on their sides A bride and groom look at the Wedding celebrant at River Cottage HQ a bride and groom are seen preying between a marriage celebrant during their wedding ceremony Guests smile and laugh as they watch the wedding ceremony of their friends A couple say their wedding vows in the barn at River Cottage HQ in Devon Reflection in a mirror of a couple saying their wedding vows in a threshing barn Couple smile during their wedding ceremony A bride looks solemnly at her husband during their wedding ceremony A bride gets emotional while reading a poem to her husband during their marriage ceremony A guest looks on as a couple say their wedding vows A bride reads a poem to her husband during their wedding ceremony A guest in an ornate hat watches her friends take their wedding vows A couple share a kiss after their wedding ceremony Guests look on as a newly wed couple share their first kiss A copy of a River Cottage cook book at Park Farm, River Cottage HQ Black and white photo of a couple kissing against a tree in the grounds of River Cottage HQ after their wedding Group shot of Grooms family and bride A guest eating a canape at Park Farm (River Cottage HQ) shot through the back of a chair chefs prepare a meal for a wedding at River Cottage HQ in Axminster Guests look on and listen as a groom makes a speech at his wedding Gusts look on during wedding speeches Reflection of a groom doing his speech at his wedding at River Cottage HQ Bride looks at groom and laughs during his wedding speech Girl looks up at mirror on the ceiling at Park Farm Green bottle lamp at River Cottage HQ with blurred bride and groom in the background during their wedding speeches Guest wins the golden wellie award for winning the welly throwing competition Chef talks the wedding guests through their menu at River Cottage Chefs plate up a wedding meal at Park Farm in Axminster A chef gets dessert plated up for wedding guests Dessert of strawberry tart at River Cottage A dramatic sunset over Axminster Coffe being poured with teapots and teacups in the foreground Guests at a wedding at Park farm on the outside decking drink and chat Bride in the yurt at River Cottage A wedding couple lean in to kiss in front of a tractor at Park Farm A couple talk by a tractor while a child runs through a field with powerlines overhead Children play fight during a wedding reception Children chase each other by a yurt as shot through a doorway at River Cottage HQ A couple embrace during their first dance Abstract mirror shot of a couple having their first dance Bride and Grooms feet as they dance during their wedding A couple kiss during their first dance newlywed couple dance with guests in the background at River Cottage A couple share a kiss at moonlight on the eve of their wedding in a field at River Cottage HQ The outside of the yurt at River Cottage HQ, Park Farm at night

  • danielle acken - July 20, 2011 - 11:39 am

    WOW!! That was incredible! The best I have seen – I love how bold you both are with the B&W’s. Can I ask is it film stock of digital? Just curious as it is absolute perfection!

  • Henley - July 20, 2011 - 1:20 pm

    Thanks Danielle, we have been working hard on our black and whites and I’m really glad you like them. We use digital cameras, no film although had considered it in the past but the extra processing steps were not really feasible for us.

  • Obi - July 21, 2011 - 1:02 am

    Really lovely work here .. love it

  • Tom - July 25, 2011 - 10:22 pm

    Great images! My only question is, what the heck is going on with the flying, numbered, boots?

  • Henley - July 25, 2011 - 11:08 pm

    You basically get a load of wellies, line up a bunch of people and throw them as far as you can. The furthest thrown welly wins that thrower a golden welly, it’s a quirky British thing and sometimes known as Wellie wanging.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellie_wanging :)

It was a great day and luckily perfect weather for Anna and Corin’s humanist wedding. The ceremony was held at Anna’s fathers house, a really beautiful old mill in uffculme, cullompton.

Anna and Corin are both cool, laid back people and I could see the day was going to be a real family and friends kind of day, leaving the formalities to one side in favour of racing bath ducks in the stream, bowls and hoopla. Their young dog, Chewie seemed just as excited by what was going on as everyone else, jumping in the stream several times and picking off the ducks one by one.

Corin is from New Zealand and the wedding was a lovely mix of English and Kiwi, with Pimms from their amazing tepee on the constant flow, flip flops for anyone who wanted them and scones of course, this is Devon after all!

The fun and games continued as the sun set, I left Anna and Corin in each others arms on the dance floor, a perfect ending to another great wedding.


Anna having her makeup done Anna at her parents Wedding makeup Anna Smiling bridesmaid in kitchen Bouquets for bride and bridesmaids Anna laughing with bridesmaid Engagement ring Anna putting on jewelry Brides locket shoulder Anna Anna standing in bedroom doorway next to stairs Anna under many family photos Anna stands in kitchen Wedding dress trails on floor Anna walks to the wedding car Opening Champagne bottles, the cork flies Walking down the aisle in a tepee Ceremony guests in tepee Anna and Corin Anna and Corin stand in tepee Humanist ceremony tying the ribbons hands joined by ribbons during ceremony Closeup of hands tied together Anna and Corin Exterior of tepee Nanny looks after child on a balcony hanging basket Guests playing hoopla Wedding bath ducks Guests chatting Scones with Jam and cream Corin laughing with friend Wedding guest fishing ducks from lake Guests coaxing their ducks along the stream Anna and Corin pose for a photo above old mill wheel interior roof shot of tepee mother nibbling child Best man holds up speech Best man delivering speech Father delivering speech Corin claps during speech Childs tiny feet poke out from trousers Corin laughs during his speech Guests clap Guests toast to the happy couple Smiling during speech Anna looks at her new husband during his wedding speech Best man delivers speech Best man speech Corin hiding himself during speech tepee through the trees Male guest with ladies hat on First dance in tepee Anna and Corin dance together as man and wife

  • Tom - August 28, 2011 - 8:49 am

    Great set of images and a perfect story told in photographs.

Pete and Pam had planned to get married at the Guildhall in Lyme Regis, which is where myself and Laura got married just over two years ago and I hadn’t been back since so was looking forward to seeing it again. After chatting with Pete and Pam you realise they’re the kind of couple that will always be together, the almost insignificant looks filled with love they give each other just gives it away.

The day started with the ceremony in the Guildhall and then the newly weds had a surprise for all their guests, a bag of 2p coins… for the amusement arcades just a short walk along the sea front in Lyme. After the amusements it was a quick coach journey to River Cottage from TV fame with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

River Cottage itself is a really nice rural, easy going and friendly place with open fires and a fantastic Yurt to shelter from the sun or rain, just grab a drink and plonk yourself on a haystack or alternatively take a wander and get acquainted with the friendly pigs! River Cottage boasts a menu to die for, with the best local ingredients. The chefs talk everyone through each dish and clearly all have passion for their craft making this a true foodies heaven.

The day was filled with laid back laughter fitting the warmth of the day beautifully, ending in a lovely sunset where I managed to drag Pete and Pam outside after their starters for one final few shots against the sun.

Thanks to Pete and Pam for a great day and being so accommodating, it was lovely getting to know you both and wish you both all the best for your futures together!

I’ve selected a few photos below to give an overview of their day.

– Henley

The guildhall in Lyme Regis Smiling guests arriving in car Ammonites cemented in floor Guests taking photos of each other Guests talking in the Guildhall Flowers in rope pots Bride arriving at the guildhall Guests taking photos in the Guildhall Groom laughing with one of the best men. Groom nervously awaits as his bride begins to walk up the aisle. Bride in a moment of thought Rear of bride and groom standing during ceremony Elderly guests watches ceremony Couple smile, posing for photos after their marriage. Pete and Pam kissing on an old bridge in Lyme Regis as people watch from a nearby building. Pete and Pam kiss on old bridge. Guests wait as couple finishing posing for photo on the old bridge in Lyme Regis. Wedding couple walk past beach huts as people congratulate them. Pete and Pam walk past beach huts as people watch. Newly weds arrive at the Lyme Regis Arcades. Pete hands out bags of coins to their guests for the arcades in Lyme Regis. Pete pushes a coin in to a 2p machine. ceiling reflection of bride on arcade machine. Wedding couple betting on arcade horses. Pete and Pam walk along the Cobb in Lyme Regis. Wedding couple pose on the Cobb in Lyme Regis. Pete and Pam pose for wedding photo in the Cobb in Lyme Regis. Pete and Pam pose on the beach for a photo on their wedding day. Best man, bride and groom pose with a chip on the sea front. Wedding couple pose for a couple shot on the steps leading up to the Guildhall. Wedding couple drive up Lyme Regis high-street in a Morgan car. Pete looks out of tractor trailer window on route to River Cottage HQ River cottage wedding table Reflection of wedding table Hanging wedding flowers at River Cottage HQ. Inside River Cottage Yurt. River Cottage Yurt roof. Wedding guests through River Cottage logo door. Guest heads towards the Yurt. Pete and Pam laugh during wedding speeches. Bride kisses her father during wedding speeches. Wedding couple and guests during speeches. Groom speech shows best man in compromising position. Best man speech inside River Cottage. Best man wearing funny glasses. Bride laughing at best man speech. Wedding guests listening to best man speech. Groom looks nervous during best man speech. Best men and groom laugh during speech. Bottle lampshades in River Cottage. Projector shows young groom. Laptop with funny photo on during best man speech. Groom grins nervously during a speech. Bride laughs during speech. Guest laughing during speech. This is your life folder for best man speech. Groom Wedding couple and best men all laugh together during speeches. River Cottage chefs in kitchen. Chef announces the menu to wedding guests. Chefs prepare food in the River Cottage Kitchens. Chef hands preparing food. River Cottage kitchen preparing wedding food. Chef smiles for camera as he prepares food. Flowers and shadow. Wedding couple kiss during sunset in River Cottage field. Pete and Pam hold each other against the evening sunset. Silhouette in field next to an old tractor. Newly weds sit on old tractor at River Cottage HQ.

  • Francoise Welch - May 25, 2011 - 6:29 pm

    Thank you for the nice photos, lots of smiles, hansome couple, the scalops+black pudding look very appetising !!!
    Pam is holding her posy like a glass of Champagne, was she practising for the “toast” or is it “a habit of a life time” ???
    Also I am very impressed by the lights in Champagne bottles !! I don’t go out often so never seen any before !! How is it done ???

  • Kimbo Froggins - May 25, 2011 - 7:04 pm

    WOW!! that looks like a day that will be remembered by everyone!!
    Beautiful photos… 😀

  • danielle acken - May 25, 2011 - 7:54 pm

    simply amazing!! made me miss England and Devon so much!

  • Jayne Norton - May 25, 2011 - 8:20 pm

    I miss Lyme Regis very much. We have had wonderful holidays there. I would not remarry but if I did, this would be my dream!

  • Bonita - May 25, 2011 - 11:44 pm

    What amazing photo’s and a beautiful day! Love Lyme Regis and I have friends a few mins away from River cottage so am regularly down there and was even married in a tiny church there a couple of years ago. Congratulations to the couple!

  • Jim Stuks - September 21, 2011 - 9:26 am

    Looks like an amazing day, I love the town of Lyme Regis.
    Great photography also.

  • Rachel - April 7, 2012 - 9:08 am


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