Paul and Rebecca get married in Uplyme, Dorset

We photograph weddings all over the UK and with River Cottage HQ a mere 5 minutes drive from Limeleaf  Towers, we always thought that would be the closest wedding venue we would photograph at. That was until our neighbour told us his daughter Becke and her husband to be Paul were going to have their wedding reception in his grounds, two minutes walk away and wanted us to photograph their day.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Uplyme Church and was conducted by the famous (thanks to YouTube) ‘beatboxing vicar’ Gavin Tyte.

After the ceremony, everyone headed back to the house for drinking and dancing and later on, more drinking, dancing and cigars, LOTS of cigars!

Becke and Paul were such an awesome couple to shoot, they were happy and relaxed and totally up for standing out in the rain for a couple photo and we are so glad they did! (yep, they unfortunately had rain too)

Below are a few of our personal favourites from the day.


Brides mother and grandmother have a cup of tea in bed on the wedding morning Mother of the groom gives baby food to her grandson Son of the wedding couple is seen from above with babyfood on his head Groom and ushers have a drink in The Talbot Arms before the wedding Bride smiles at her bridesmaids Mother of the groom puts the shoes on her young grandson A calendar is seen with Young bridesmaid is seen from behind as she looks at the bride Adult bridesmaids smile and laugh as they see their friend the bride Bride and bridesmaids in the room where they are preparing her for her wedding Uplyme church spire is seen as guests arrive for the wedding to be held there Wedding car leaves the brides fathers house en route for the church Guests embrace before a wedding in Uplyme Church in Dorset Silhouette of the vicar is seen in the doorway of the Uplyme Church Guests arrive and take their seats in church ahead of their friends wedding Chauffeur helps the bride out of the wedding car before her ceremony Bridesmaids in hot pink dresses with brown shawls head down the aisle Bride heads down the aisle on the arm of her father Father of the bride looks proud and smiles to himself as his daughter gets married Grandmother whispers to grandfather during wedding ceremony Bride and groom sing from their hymn sheet as seen from above Bride and groom hold hands while the vicar reading from his bible can be seen in the background Bride and groom smile at each other before they walk down the aisle as man and wife Bride can be seen smiling through the moulding of Uplyme Church in Dorset Best man and brother of the groom hugs his mother as his brother gets married wedding couple greet thier guests outside the church while a chimney sweep looks on smiling Bride is in her wedding car while her father looks on in the reflection of the window Married couple head down The Cobb in Lyme Regis while a man can be seen in the foreground watching them and eating fish and chips Bride and groom walk along The Cobb at Lyme Regis in Dorset Bride and groom are seen on The Cobb at Lyme Regis Bride and groom walk back towards Lyme Regis from The Cobb in Dorset Waitress looks on bemused as she spills most of the champagne glasses on her tray at a wedding reception Formal photo of groom with ushers, but one usher won Bride and groom are being served their wedding breakfast meal as seen from below Mother and father of the bride as well as the bride herself all laugh at the grooms wedding speech The best man (who is also the grooms brother) does his wedding speech

Mother of the bride smiles on as the best man does his speech

Bride looks lovingly at her groom and he does back at her as she says a speech at their wedding Grooms brother and best man looks on smiling as the couple share their first dance Wedding couple smile to each other during their first dance The best man and other wedding guests smile on as the couple share their first dance Bride and groom do their first dance in a marquee with all their guests watching Bride and groom sing to each other during their first dance Mother of the bride dances under some pink bunting bridesmaid and wedding guest dance Bride looks lovingly at her baby son while her wedding guests party Wedding guests dance to the band Brother of the groom and best man dances with his mum wedding guests dance in the marquee as seen from the outside wedding couple have a photo done in the rain under an umbrella Groomsmen light the grooms cigar A groom, his best man and a friend smoke cigars groom and his usher smoke cigars Groom and his friends smoke cigars on his wedding day

Martin Hemsley - August 27, 2012 - 5:50 pm

Stunning shots. I love your variety in the church, and on the sea/harbour wall. Awesome, and very inspiring as ever.

Chris - August 23, 2012 - 5:17 pm

Great wedding photography, very impressed. Really has told a great story from their day.

Rebecca Tibbert - August 13, 2012 - 10:26 pm

Thank you so much for recording all our memories so beautifully. Everyone has commented how fantastic our pictures are. We can’t stop looking at them. We have no idea which ones are the best to use to hang up. You have far exceeded our expectations brings it all back for us to relive. You were amazing….. Thank you

Lois and Ed get married at Powderham Castle, Devon

Lois and Ed had planned their wedding for two years from where they are living in London. They originally chose a different venue for their reception until one night Lois had a dream about Powderham Castle, woke up and knew she had to have her wedding day there, a real fairy tale moment.

Lois, her mother and bridesmaids all got ready at the Abode hotel in Exeter and then made their way out of the city to St. Clement’s church in Powderham which is very local to her family home, just across the estuary. Lois, her mother and bridesmaids all looked stunning as they made their way to the church and Ed, under the protection of the groomsmen umbrellas.

Lois and Ed were lucky enough to have a family friend loan two of his beautiful cars, a Bently to take Lois to the ceremony and an Austin Healey convertible for Ed to drive them both to Powderham Castle (hats off to the daring newly weds to take the roof off)!

The evening started with a conga to a vintage festival feel tipi on the grounds sporting music, bunting, a photo booth and wood fire to keep the party on course. We ended our day with Lois and Ed with a few couple photos, and of course they included umbrellas with the state of our current ‘summer’!

- Henley


Ushers and groomsmen get ready for a wedding and have breakfast at Southernhay House in Exeter Usher does up his tie in front of some framed photos in Southernhay House in Exter Bride indicates how she wants her wedding hair while surrounded by her bridesmaids at The Abode Hotel in Exeter Groom is seen inside a room writing his speech while the wedding car is reflected in the window from the outside Silhouette of a bride having her make up done as water bottles and a champagne glass are seen in the foreground Bridesmaids laugh and smile as the mother of the bride gets her hair done A pair of white wedding louboutin heels are seen on a chair The bride having her make up done is silhouetted against a window and Exeter Cathedral can be seen outside Bridesmaids dance and muck around on the morning of their friends wedding at The Abode Hotel in Exeter Abstract photo of bride getting ready Ushers laugh and joke outside of St Clements Church in Powderham, Devon Bride has her eye make up done for her wedding at The Abode Hotel in Exeter A floral garland on the church gate is seen in the foreground, while ushers and groom with umbrellas are seen in the background Bride gets her wedding make up done Bridesmaids wedding pearl earring Bride and bridesmaids are seen smiling reflected in a mirror Ushers stand outside of St Clements Church in Exeter with umbrellas awaiting the bride A flowergirl and her dad look on as the bride gets out of her wedding car surrounded by umbrellas Bride gets out of her wedding car surrounded by umbrellas Bride does a last minute check of her dress as the vicar stands in the foreground of the door of the church Groom looks on emotionally as his bride heads down the church aisle towards him Bride and groom smile and look emotional as she reaches him at the end of the church aisle Bride and groom smile at each other as they sing a hymn at their wedding The congregation can be seen in the background as a wedding couple say their marriage vows in the foreground Two bridesmaids hold hands and look emotional as they witness their friends get married Bride smiles as she puts her husbands wedding ring on his finger Bride and groom exchange wedding rings Wedding couple smile at each other as they exchange wedding rings wedding couple share their first kiss at St Clements Church in Exeter Couple at the church altar as seen through the church back door Wedding guest is seen with his head bowed in apparent prayer but the man in front of him is trying to stifle a laugh Bride and groom look elated as they head down the aisle after their wedding in St Clements church Bride and groom smile at bell ringers as they exit the church Wedding guests gather under umbrellas ready for the confetti shot Bride and groom laugh as they get showered with confetti outside St Clements Church in Exeter Bride can be seen getting into her wedding car to head off to Powderham Castle Wedding guests wave and cheer the happy couple as they head off in a vintage car to their wedding reception at Powderham Castle Old family wedding photos are seen strewn around a vintage typewriter The wedding cake and a selection of cakes and sweets are seen displayed at Powderham Castle The Groomsmen and groom are seen moments before the formal photo is taken Wedding guest guides her friend out the way to avoid stepping on the brides dress A wedding couple kiss in the grounds of Powderham Castle in exeter, Devon Wedding couple sit on a window seat and look at each others wedding rings Wedding couple hold hands in a window seat at Powderham Castle Guests applaud as the new husband and wife enter the dining room at Powderham Castle for their wedding meal Bride laughs as her dad does his wedding speech in the background

Groom smiles at guests during his new father-in-law

Bride kisses her father on the cheek after his speech at her wedding Grooms silhouette is seen reflected in a mirror as he makes his wedding speech Groom is seen between his guests on the right while the domed ceiling at Powderham Castle in Devon is seen on the left Groom is seen pulling a funny expression during his wedding speech while his new wife and guests look on laughing Groom is overcome by emotion during his wedding speech and is comforted by his new wife Bridesmaid wipes her eyes with a napkin after speeches at her friends wedding Full room shot of The Music Room at Powderham Castle during a grooms speech on his wedding day Friends and family toast the happy couple on their wedding day Bride and groom hold hands and smile at each other during their wedding meal A couple embrace as they listen to a best mans speech at a wedding Guests look on smiling as a couple cut their wedding cake A man is sitting in a chair in front of bookshelves at Powderham Castle Guests do the conga following the groom at his wedding reception World Inspired Tents tipi is seen with hanging lights in the grounds of Powderham Castle Couple smile and embrace during their wedding first dance Groom laughs as he and his new wife do their wedding first dance Groom lifts up his bride and spins her in front of their guests at their wedding for their first dance Wedding guests dance Baby wears sound muffling headphones during wedding party Bridesmaid dances and the movement can be seen in her pearl earrings Wedding guest dances Bride dances with friends and bridesmaids Bridesmaid sings and dances during her friends wedding reception The top of a world inspired tents tipi is seen with the Exeter Estuary and views beyond Powderham Castle in the background Bride and groom kiss under a red heart umbrella at Powderham Castle The silhouette of a wedding couple is seen through a red heart shaped umbrella

Helen - January 19, 2013 - 9:39 pm

The details in the portraits of the bride are simply incredible. You’re rare talent in a very saturated market, Ed and Lois are lucky to have had you document their day.

Claire Hill - July 19, 2012 - 8:53 pm

WOW again you two!! I absolutely love looking at your photo’s.
Amazing, amazing!! Note to the bride if she is reading – love your dress xxx

Martin Hemsley - July 18, 2012 - 8:09 am

Absolutely stunning, not only the event itself, but your photography as well. Love the red umbrella, window reflections, capture of emotions in church. The list could go on. Fantastic.

Janina and Jason’s St Audries Park Wedding, Somerset

Janina and Jason’s wedding day followed an unfortunate recent theme of rain, rain and more rain featured in the last few weddings on here, so prepare to expect a few more brollies in this blog entry!

The couple chose the wonderful Somerset hideaway venue of St Audries Park for their reception, with the moving ceremony taking place at the estates church, St Etheldredas.

Janina and Jason met while travelling and they had opted for a purple and turquoise tropical theme with lots of driftwood, cocktails, tables named after islands they travelled to, and Nina’s beautiful orchid bouquet. They had also added a lovely touch of a steel drum band for the drinks reception which made everyone feel summery and completely forget the state of the real weather outside.

Jason had a surprise for Nina who loves the video for ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay (which if you havent seen it features a man in an elephant suit who escapes from London zoo and heads to South Africa to join the rest of the band, who are also in elephant suits) an unbeknown to her he had got a replica elephant costume and appeared wearing it as the DJ played the song for her.

These two are such a lovely and very much in love couple,  it was a real honour to share and capture the love and emotion of their special day.

- Laura


Lace wedding dress hangs from an ornate light in St Audries Park A reader at a wedding ceremony reads his speech with a pint of beer wedding shoes are seen hanging over a photo of a bride at St Audries Park Groom and his ushers stand beneath white umbrellas as they walk to church for his wedding a bride checks her reflection in a mirror before leaving for her wedding A wedding guest smiles and looks on as a groom hugs his friend at the church Groom helps his nan up the steps to the church for his wedding bride looks at her reflection as her veil is pulled over her Usher hands wedding order of service to a guest who has just come in the church with an umbrella Bridesmaids in the church entrance look out to see their friend the bride arrive The bride is helped out of her wedding car by the ushers and a sea of brollies Ushers help the bride to the church under their white wedding umbrellas Bride has her eyes shut deep in thought as she walks down the aisle on the arm of her father Bride stands at the church alter linking arms with the father and also holding hands with her groom Bridesmaid smiles on at her friends as they say their wedding vows at St Audries Park Bride smiles at her guests as she holds hands with her husband at the front of the church Bride and groom smile and are photographed and congratulated by their guests as they walk down the aisle Wedding guests form a line as they leave St etheldredas church at St Audries in Minehead Steel drummer plays A wedding guest writes a card to go on the wedding wish tree Guests enjoy champagne and canapes inside St Audries park while guests can also be seen outside with umbrellas Bride laughs as her father does his wedding speech Bride holds hands with her groom as he does his wedding speech A wedding head table can be seen laughing at a joke during the best mans wedding speech Groom smiles as he enjoys his first dance with his new wife Bride laughs as she does her first dance with her new husband at St Audries Park Wedding guests sit on a sofa drink beer and watch the other guests dance Bride and groom embrace as they dance with each other Wedding guests dance with each other at The Great Hall in St Audries Bride drinks a shot of tequila during her wedding reception Groom is dressed in elephant suit to surprise his wife Groom lifts the head off his elephant suit and has a kiss with his wife

wedding couple photo in the bushes at St Audries park

Martin Hemsley - August 6, 2012 - 10:53 am

Stunning looking day, despite the weather. Sounded like a fun day. I especially love the image of the Bridesmaids waiting at the door archway looking out, perfect moment with sopt exposure. Plus I love the image of the bride walking down the aisle from the side, lovely capture. Thanks again for the inspiration and many congrats to the couple as well.

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