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The Devon wedding photographers, Henley and Laura

Wedding Photography

We are an award winning husband and wife team who provide unobtrusive documentary wedding photography.

Our passion for photography stems from our love of crafting a story within each of our photographs. Using available light as a priority and anticipating moments rather than arranging them, allows us to document one of the most important days of your life without controlling it.

We capture the love, passion and emotion of your day in our photography as a still moment in time, each telling a unique story.

We limit the amount of weddings commissioned each year to give your wedding and photographs our full dedication, passion, time and attention.

Primarily covering London and Devon weddings, we are also available UK and world wide.

We are both members of Fearless Photographers, a group of photographers actively pushing the boundaries of wedding photography.

- Henley and Laura (the ones under the tree).


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